How To Appreciate The Value of Land

October 29, 2021

The most popular real estate investment avenue in Kenya is Land. Investing in Land in Kenya is appealing simply because once you buy it and you don’t have to do much. Most people buy and wait, then sell it later at a margin, of course. As the real estate mantra goes, don’t wait to buy; buy and wait.

One of the ways in which you can appreciate the value of your land is to include the following:

  1. Consider fencing the land.
    Fencing alone increases the value because of perceived security. Plus, your fencing material increases the value of the property by a factor of the overall cost of the property.
  2. Plan to plant trees around the perimeter of your parcel of land.
  3. Doing some landscaping is also another way of attracting investors; you are making it more desirable to a potential buyer.
  4. You can also connect the land to utilities such as to the power grid, water, and sewer lines.
  5. Also, consider increasing the territory by acquiring adjacent land. This is only for the case of foreseen growing interests in the area by mainstream investors seeking to put up big developments.

We know that you, being the owner of the land, don’t necessarily have to be there physically for the land to appreciate, but after making that one-time investment of buying land, and considering the tips mentioned previously, over time, the value of your land will increase faster than your neighbors who haven’t implemented the same tips. Let us help you fulfill your dream as a land investor.

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