KIS Gardens 50×100 Parcels Made Affordable at 1.7m Each

KShs 1,700,000


KIS Gardens is in Kitengela and approximately 1.5km off Namanga Road, along Old Namanga Road, and directly opposite Kitengela International School.

The area is a rapidly developing location with proximity to major facilities including Kuscco Homes, and Kenpipe Homes, amongst others.

KIS Gardens consists of 50×100 parcels which can now be owned at affordable prices from Kshs. 1.7M with a flexible payment plan or financing.

Site visits are EVERY DAY of the week including Saturdays. Kindly respond with your name and phone number via email to

You can also make site visit reservations via this link.

‘Vemash delivers,’ and we offer ‘Distinctive Value for Money’.


  • Price:
    KShs 1,700,000
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