Korrompoi Valley Road 50 by 100 Plots On Sale

KShs 850,000


Start-up capital required in real estate investments

Startup capital refers to the money required to start a new investment. To begin with, you have to start building up startup capital. You should start saving a fixed amount every month from your wage. Why not set up an automatic transaction of your salary to a savings account? You can also inquire about loan offers for property investment in local banks.

Hence, get ready with an effective financial plan that will enable you to contribute at least 25% of the down payment on the residential real estate you’re planning to invest in.

Korrompoi Valley Road plots. Each 50 by 100 plot goes for Ksh 850k only.

For more details, reach out to us and we will get back to you with a scheduled site visit.


  • Price:
    KShs 850,000
  • Property Status:

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